The Greedy Dead

On the edge of the Dark, out beyond the Wild Reaches, an old sea fortress stands crumbing against the sky. Battered by high winds and salty spray it is a cold and inhospitable place to any warm blooded soul. To the Undead, it is home. It is the Scarrow's Trench Fort.

Brede's Folly is a hulk. Once the pride of the Elven fleet, this vessel was an exploration ship that was lost on its third and longest journey. Its previous journeys had been successful in seeding the Elven culture far and wide. Bolstered by the success of the crew at dealing with what ever adventures were thrown their way, the captain pushed ever further out until one fateful day, after departing the most remote Elven outpost in the Wild Reaches and heading for unchartered waters, the ship was never seen again.
Over the years there was little evidence of the fate of the vessel or its crew and it was eventually relegated to the history books. Now, generations later, the ship has returned from its new home at Scarrow's Trench Fort. Definitely worse for wear, but somehow still afloat and still crewed, now by unliving horrors.

The Blighted Narwhal, so called because of its long ram which sits just below the water. This hinders maneuverability in tight spaces, but in battle can inflict serious damage to an opponent. Best used when you don't want to then take possession of the other ship itself, for obvious reasons.

Zaratanne, once a sorceress who served a captain in the Crows, is now a feared Undead pirate captain in her own right, commanding the Blighted Narwhal. A betrayal amongst the Vikings left her with two choices - life with no magic, or undead with her magic intact. She chose the latter, and now despises the Vikings and will always fight them, regardless of the odds. Her magical strength lies in deceiving the minds of the living. This leads her foes to believe they see friends instead of enemies, and allows her crew to attack first with the element of surprise.

In the heart of Scarrow's Trench Fort sits the Greedy Dead's most prized possession: The Pair Dadeni, a cauldron that returns the dead to unlife. When a dead body is put inside, it is reanimated. This is a way for the Undead to increase their ranks, and especially in battle. It can be destroyed only if a living person sacrifices him or herself by getting into the cauldron. The cauldron will shatter and that person will die. The Undead know this and guard it carefully.