The Etterian Spiral

The Etterian Spiral is a faction headed by elvish sorcerers. Their key strengths are their magic and the mobility of their ships. They also tend to be a home for disillusioned, or cast out, aristocracy and nobles. Elves are typically golden-skinned, with naturally brightly colored hair and eyes.

They despise the Undead, as at least some significant number of the undead's ranks were created by a mistake by Elvish sorcerors. These necromancers reached too far for power, and were killed by their creations. It is rumoured that some have managed to harnass this darker magic, dark and secretive sheep in an otherwise white flock.

The Spiral are organized into houses, however there is a strong bond between the ships and strongholds via their magic. Each house is governed by an internal council, normally led by the captain of the strongest ship to make berth there, and also normally the strongest wizard.

One of their ships is much smaller than the others. It hails from near the realms where the Taghmart Armada go in search of their artifacts and treasure, and has great speed due to an enchantment placed on it by boatmen that scour the southern jungles.