These rules define the timing and finer details, should they be needed. They are not good for learning to play the game from, unless you happen to be a computer programmer or other very logic oriented person :)


  1. All available Location cards are shuffled and the top 9 are dealt face-down in a three by three grid.
  2. The quick reference cards are given out, one to each player.
  3. The Pirate King card and enough other other cards to make the number up to the number of players are shuffled and dealt face down, one to each player. The player with the Pirate King card is the first player and Pirate King for the first turn. The other cards are returned to the box.
  4. Determine the number of Common Supply piles by deciding if there will be a draft. Drafting only occurs if every player agrees to the draft.
    • If drafting is not being done, the number of supply piles is 8.
    • Otherwise, the number of supply piles is 8 minus the number of players.
    From all available common supply cards, randomly determine the supply piles to use in an agreed upon fashion, reveal them to all players and put them within easy reach of all players in the center of the table.
  5. Starting with the Pirate King and proceeding clockwise around the table, each player selects a ship from all those available, and at the same time a personal supply from the faction determined by the selected ship, or a supply that is available to any faction (marked with the star faction icon of the Ibvati Mercenaries).
  6. If drafting is being done, then randomly deal three further common supply cards to each player. The draft proceeds as follows:
    1. Each player simultaneously reveals a card for the center that will be a common supply from the three just dealt.
    2. Each player passes the remaining two cards clockwise.
    3. Each player simultaneously selects and reveals a card from the two new cards to be a personal supply.
    4. Each player returns the remaining card.
  7. Starting with the Pirate King and proceeding clockwise around the table, each player puts their ship token and a Control token on an available corner location. Each player may look at the location as soon as they have put the token on it.
  8. Each player creates their starting deck with 6 pirates that cost 0 and give 1 rations and 0 strength, 3 pirates that cost 0 and give 1 strength and 0 rations, and 1 card from their chosen faction personal supply. Note: Conscript and Swabber from the base game may thus be replaced with other cards that have identical statistics, but different names.
  9. Each player shuffles their starting deck and draws the top 5 cards from it.


Turn Timing

End of the Game