Plunder: Can I use my plunder to pay for pirates in Fall? No! You would lose the game if you give away all your plunder to recruit pirates. You use rations, the number in the yellow barrel (), to pay the cost, the number at the bottom in the three barrels (), to recruit new pirates.

Face-up Locations: Do I turn a location face down at any point, such as if I fail to take control of it? No, once a location has been turned face-up, it is never turned face down again.


Black Spyder (see it): Do I have to discard the top card of my deck? No you may do it, but you are not required to.

Bone Collector (see it): Can I discard the top card of my deck and send the top card of my discard pile to the Locker? No, “or” is always exclusive or: you can do one or the other, but not both.

Break Out the Rum (see it): If my pirates would not be dismissed, eg with Cabin Boy, are they still sent to the Locker? Yes

Buccaneer (see it): Can I play the card I just drew? Only if it’s an action with a Combat ability, like Run Out the Guns. Otherwise, no as Pirates are only played during Spring and other actions are played according to the season in the text.

Cabin Boy (see it): Can I prevent someone from being dismissed by the rules at the end of combat with Cabin Boy? Yes.
And can I still count Cabin Boy’s strength? No, he can’t be dismissed for strength and to save someone.

Captain (see it): If I attack with multiple Captains, does each of them give +1 strength ()? Yes! But not to each other, as they're Officers.

Crew Chief (see it): Do the discarded cards have to be from the ones that I just drew? No, first you draw the cards, then you get to discard any of the cards that are now in your hand.
What if I only have 1 card in my deck and discard? Then you would draw it, and then be forced to discard it straight away. Don’t do that!

Merchant (see it): Err, huh? Merchant lets you recruit a card from someone else’s personal supply rather than your own. It does not let you recruit two cards.

Oarsman (see it): Can I move Mistwalker (see it) diagonally? Yes