Why But It?

Conquering Corsairs is not just another Deck-building game, we've learnt from the strengths and weaknesses of the first generation and have taken the genre to the next level. We feel confident in saying this for the following reasons:

1. Factions
The first crop of deck-building games lack factions, which are important for long term viability and engagement. All of the successful CCGs have factions, but there is no sense of "self" in deck-building games; nothing can carry over between two random sets of cards. By re-introducing factions via custom ships and personal supplies of pirates, you the player can have a sense of continuity between games. Think of factions as colors in Magic, the great clans in L5R, vampire clans in Vampire, Secret Societies in Illuminati, agencies in Spycraft, and so forth.

2. Setting and Story
Further to the idea of factions, a continuing and coherent storyline and setting is important. Especially, as in our case, if it is player driven and contributed! In Conquering Corsairs, you don't just buy cards with no real sense of theme or purpose, you recruit pirates to your cause! The story started in-game can continue via the world section of the site and extend into game expansions.

3. Interaction and Strategy
Most deck-building games have minimal interaction between players and essentially no strategy beyond the initial calculation of the most broken combo of cards available. Conquering Corsairs brings the interaction back to the new genre, and with the map of the Silver Seas includes enough strategy to make an actual game rather than a combo-building exercise. The game revolves around player interaction, rather than a multi-player solitaire race.

4. Winning is better than Losing Least
You actively work towards winning the game for yourself in Conquering Corsairs, and decide when to end the game. Most deckbuilding games have what boils down to a turn counter, and at worst the player who did the least or complained the most wins.

5. Starting Deck Mechanics are Crucial
The normal flow of a deck-building game is 2 or 3 turns of tedious build up from nothing. We cut straight to the chase with the carefully balanced attack strength and location defence of the starting deck, along with giving you a head start with one your faction specific pirates. No need to twiddle your 3/4 or 2/5 thumbs, we get to the action from the very first turn.

6. Timing
With our innovative season-based turn timing, you won't be bored waiting while 3 others take their turns before it gets back to you. As each season is quick, you'll be back in the spotlight before you've had much time to think about your plan on how to become the most infamous pirate of the Silver Seas! Equally, the time between games isn't a chore of fishing for cards. The numbers of cards per supply is limited, increasing strategy and decreasing the tedious setup.

7. Replayability
As the map of the Silver Seas is randomly generated every game, along with semi-random set of available pirates to recruit, Conquering Corsairs is very replayable. Expansions will be available long before you've run out of swashbuckling enjoyment from the first set.

Enough. Said.