Who We Are

Cheeky Mountain Parrot Games
Cheeky Mountain Parrot Games is the design studio that came up with Conquering Corsairs, and currently is crewed by Rob and Hamish. The name is from the Kea, a native mountain parrot from New Zealand. It may or may not be noteworthy that a group of Kea is called a "circus".

Rob Sanderson (@azaroth42)
Rob has been gaming for more than 25 years, covering the spectrum of roleplaying games, collectible card games, board games and recently (of course) deck-building games. He has designed two (unpublished) card games previously, and is constantly tinkering with systems of all types to either improve them or see how they break under pressure. By day he is an information scientist (glorified computer programmer) at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, USA and holds a PhD in Medieval French History. He hails from just north of Christchurch, New Zealand, where he met Hamish in high school.

Hamish Cameron (@peregrinekiwi)
Hamish has also been playing, designing and tweaking games since he discovered Fighting Fantasy gamebooks in the mid-80s. Most of that designing and tweaking has involved tabletop roleplaying games and miniatures wargames, but a few free-form larps and multiplayer team strategy games have snuck into the mix along the way. He is an avid convention gamer who can regularly be found lurking around gaming areas in California and New Zealand, hiding in the rigging, and press-ganging gamers into sampling his wares. When not gaming, he can be found in an over-caffineated state, chained to a dissertation in ancient history. He is also from just north of Christchurch, but has never met this Sanderson fellow in his life.

Kaitlynn Peavler (@thedandmom)
Kaitlynn is the artist for our game, responsible for all of the artwork you see on the site and cards.

Some of her other work:

Please see the Thanks page for further contributors, playtesters and kickstarter backers.